If you’re already planning your Michigan wedding—or a wedding anywhere—you already know that there are a lot of fun decisions to be made: the perfect flowers, those beautiful linens, an amazingly delicious cake, just the right song for that special first dance. And you probably also know that there are a lot of “experts” out there that are happy to help you with all of that “fun stuff.” Your cousin who got married last summer and knows the ONLY florist you should go to–which was hers, of course…your sister, who is happy to email you picture after picture of all of her favorite ideas…your future mother in law who wants to take you to her favorite caterers (though she hasn’t asked you about your food preferences).  Brides rarely find themselves with no one to offer assistance, but rather, it’s just not the assistance really needed, and it’s overwhelming. Everyone above is very well meaning, but the truth is, that most people are used to planning their wedding.

If what you’re looking for is ideas for your wedding, then your friends and family can be a great resource (so are bridal magazines!). But if you’re looking for more, then a professional wedding planner can offer you the kind of assistance that will make planning your wedding enjoyable and manageable, and leave you with a wedding that reflects you!  Your cousin probably had a great florist…but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that florist fits your style or budget or can cater to what you are looking for.  There’s a reason there are a ton of wedding vendors out there —every vendor is not a perfect fit for every bride—each one brings their own style, strengths, personality and pricing.  A professional wedding planner has connections and working relationships with vendors of all styles and budgets, and can help connect you with the vendors that will get you the most for your money. So while your family members may point you to the florist who is well-known in your area and will do a fantastic job (for a pretty penny), your wedding planner can direct you to a florist who can create what you need within your budget, saving you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. A professional wedding planner can also take your style into consideration, and isn’t just pointing you in the direction of their favorite things.

When the “fun stuff” is done, your professional wedding planner will be there to figure out the flow of your reception setup, handle the logistics of shuttling your guests from one location to another; put together time lines so your family, bridal party and vendors know where they’re going and when; negotiate with vendors to ensure your orders are correct and on budget; troubleshoot any issues that arise; and will, at all times, make decisions that are best for you, and go along with your overall vision for the day.  And those are just a few of the things a wedding planner can handle for you!

Planning vs. Coordination

Day of Coordination
This is for the bride that wants to plan the wedding herself, but would like the assistance of a professional to ensure that everything is executed properly on the day-of, to oversee the vendors, assist with the ceremony and reception flow, trouble shoot any issues that arise and generally, be the go-to person making sure that your wedding day is wonderful and stress-free for the bride & groom and their families!

Full-Service Planning
This is for the bride who wants to sit back and enjoy her engagement, while a professional wedding planner walks her through every step of the planning process.  From finding a venue and matching you with vendors that match your budget and style, to helping create every detail that will make your day shine, a full-service wedding planner is your partner in creating an amazing wedding!


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