Google “mustache wedding”…go ahead…we’ll wait here while you check it out! Over the last year or so, we’ve seen faux-staches make appearances at weddings. At first, it was in photo booths…they’re a cute prop. Just throw on a pair of glasses, a fake ‘stache on a stick and a bowtie, and you’ve got a ready-made photo booth alter-ego. Then, they seemed to make their way onto groomsmen gifts and bachelor-party wares…mustache beer mugs, mustache flasks, t-shirts, invitations and more! I mean, what groomsman wouldn’t want his bachelor party tagged as “A ‘Stache Bash?” It’s pretty catchy. And a total guy thing. I think it’s pretty cute.

mustache-wedding-diy-etsy(Moustache flasks, ‘stache bash invite, cufflinks, escort cards)

But now, the ‘stache seems to be making its way even further into wedding garb..showing up .on escort cards and even in wedding portraits. Beautiful brides with fake mustaches held in front of their faces, bridesmaids photos, photos of the happy couple kissing (each with their ‘stache)…and this is where I start to sit on the fence.

I really want to like this trend, because I think it’s clever, and it’s definitely something that gets a laugh. I think fake mustaches on a stick for photo booths are super cute. But I have to admit when I see bridal portraits of a beautiful bride in an elegant dress, with a big fuzzy mustache, I get a little creeped out. I mean, where is that photo getting put some day? I imagine 15 years from now, kids will see these faux-stache photos and say, “ewww, mom, what’s on your face? Is that what you did at weddings back then? That’s weird.” But love them or hate them, it’s an offbeat wedding trend that doesn’t seem to be going away for the 2012 wedding season, so if you have some wedding ‘stache in your future, check out etsy and all of the fun ‘stache-related goods that the crafty people of the world have come up with for your wedding!

So if you think I’m crazy and mustache weddings rock your world—or you agree with me and aren’t quite sold on the ‘stache bash—leave a comment and vote:: mustaches on your wedding day—cute or creepy?


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