Beach weddings are something we’ve always gotten a lot of emails, phone calls and visits about. Which beach can I get married on? What if I have a large group and need to set up chairs? Which musicians will plan on the beach? How do we handle parking fees? For some people, a small intimate beach ceremony is all they’re interested in, and they want to skip a big, traditional reception. For some, all of the details that go into a beach ceremony are just more than they want to handle. So in 2012 we started offering All-Inclusive Beach Ceremony Services, which bundle together everything a bride needs, from picking the right beach to an officiant, flowers, bamboo arch, aisle decor, boutonnieres, chairs, musician and photography….plus our help in pulling it all together before hand, and on the day of.


Christan was one such bride, who just didn’t want to manage all of the hassle that goes into a beach ceremony. She gave us her colors, let us know what decor she wanted (ferns with white lilies up the aisle, blue chair sashes, and a bamboo arch with blue and white fabric) and we took care of everything. We booked a cellist, provided a photographer, worked with the beach to secure permission and setup times, and on the day-of we loaded everything in, set up, and tore it all down. Christan+Jeremiah just had to show up and enjoy their ceremony.They also had us set up their reception decor, so prior to heading to the beach, we spent the morning at their reception hall placing centerpieces and favors, decorating the cake table, and making sure everything was perfect for their arrival later that evening.


All-Inclusive Beach Ceremony packages are completely customizable and can include as little, or as much as you need, from decor and flowers to officiants, musicians and rentals—and all of your decor can be tailored to your own personal style & color scheme. Working with Christan was so much fun & we loved making her beautiful beach wedding dream a reality—thank you for letting us be a part of your special day, Christan+Jeremiah!

Lovely photos by Gingertown Photography