One of the big trends of 2012 continuing through to 2013 is the backdrop. If you are considering incorporating a backdrop into your wedding design there a few things you may want to consider.

What kind of backdrop:
One of the first things to think about is the type of backdrop you want. Some of the popular styles include wooden doors, chalkboards, and a mixture of draped curtains, furniture, frames, and/or dishes. One of the nice things about backdrops are they are completely customizable to your style. Some couples are even using blank canvases or chalkboards for backdrops and letting their guests create art or write messages during the reception.

Where to put the backdrop:
Given their size, it’s important to think about where you want to put your backdrop and how you want to use it in your wedding. You want to find a way to make it prominent while not allowing it to overwhelm the other details of your design. Here are few options to consider:

Photo booth: One great way to use a backdrop is as unique location for your photo booth. It can provide a fun, unique background for photos of you, your wedding party, and your guests.

Head table: If you are planning to use a head table for you and your wedding party another place to put your backdrop is behind your head table. It will pull your guests attention towards that space, and it can help make that reception space even more tailored toward your style.Dessert or Gift Table: Another option is to use a backdrop to set apart your gift or dessert table. A backdrop for one of these tables can give you nearly unlimited options when it comes to the design of your backdrop — above, we used the backdrop to hang descriptions of each cupcake flavor! A backdrop is also a great way to dress up a gift table, as they are often tucked into a corner!

Ceremony: If you are looking at backdrops consider using them in the ceremony space. They can make a beautiful frame for where your vows take place, especially in outdoor weddings!

If you choose to use a backdrop make sure it’s something unique to you! If you are looking at designing your backdrop yourself, Pinterest’s wedding backdrop boards are one place to get started.