If you’re looking to use garlands for your wedding the options for how to use them are basically unlimited. You can use them as part of the scheme for your tables at the reception. You can weave them throughout your ceremony space by hanging them from your chairs or benches for your guests.  You can hang garlands from beams or ceilings in your ceremony or reception space to create dimension and depth. You can even use them in your photos. There are many types of garlands out there, but here’s a look at four of them:


Flower Garlands: Though these may arguably be the most traditional of the garlands, they can range from beautiful, simplistic arrangements to ornate masterpieces. The classic appeal to these garlands can also make them easier to incorporate into your theme, though fresh floral garlands do tent to be a pricier option than their fabric, ribbon or burlap counterparts. These would be a beautiful addition for weddings at a natural location such as Millcreek barns, Blue Dress Barn or The Veranda at the Whitcomb.

Paper Garlands: Garlands created out of pages from a copy of your favorite book, the sheet music to your favorite songs, or notes written to you as a couple from loved ones can not only be special and memorable but can create a unique aspect to your overall design.

Photo by Lamb + Lark

Photo by Lamb + Lark

Pennant Garlands: Pennant garlands, also called banners or buntings, can be a way to add a hint of playfulness to your theme while still keeping a formal feel. You can do anything with your pennant garland from having solid color pennants which match your color scheme to pennants that spell out something meaningful to you as a couple.

Fabric Garlands: Depending on the type of fabric, these garlands can range from rustic to sophisticated. They can also be created out of recycled materials which make them a great alternative to other garlands if you’re trying to have a green wedding!

If you’ve found a unique way to use garlands please share it by leaving a comment!