Your head table is an important part of your wedding reception. There are several options to consider. Think about what kind of interaction you want with your bridal party and take a look at these pros and cons:

Traditional Head Table

The traditional head table is featured at the front of the room. Typically, two or three rectangular tables are lined up next to each other. The bride and groom sit in the middle with members of the bridal party on each side.


  • This option recognizes your bridal party as a significant part of your wedding. If you place a high value on the role of your bridal party in your wedding, this is one way to make them stand out.
  • A traditional head table fits within a traditional theme. If your wedding day vision includes time-honored customs, this is a great option.


  • The layout reduces how many people you can talk to when seated.
  • Bridal party members are separated from their dates.
  • If you have a large bridal party, this option can look awkward or overwhelming.


King Arthur Table

The King Arthur style table can be at the front of the room or run down the middle of the room. Several rectangular tables are lined up next to each other with chairs on both sides. The bride and the groom sit in the middle, and members of the bridal party sit on both sides.


  • This option honors the significance of the bridal party and allows them and the couple to interact freely with each other.
  • The bride and groom are more approachable to their guests.


  • It can be harder for guests to see the bride and groom and recognize them as a focal point.
  • Privacy for the couple can be difficult.


Sweetheart Table

The sweetheart table is traditionally a smaller circular or square table at the front of the room. The bride and the groom sit at the table by themselves or are sometimes joined by the maid-of-honor and best man. The rest of the bridal party sits at a separate table or with the other guests.


  • The bride and groom have more opportunities for private moments during the reception.
  • Members of the bridal party are able to sit with their dates and mingle with other guests.
  • A sweetheart table is romantic and sweet, making it ideal for similar themes.


  • The bride and groom will have less interaction with their bridal party.
  • This option can sometimes come across as exclusive to guests.

Choose an option that will best fit your vision and your style as a couple. Leave a comment and share what option you think will work best for your reception!

 Posted By Kristen Larson, Event Assistant