One of the popular trends for the 2013 season is the bird themed wedding. Birds have a long-standing tradition of being seen as symbols of love, with many species such as the lovebird mating for life. If you’re considering incorporating birds into your design here are a few ideas to help you get started!

Wedding Wear:

  • Jewelry: There are many jewelry designers who create beautiful, bird themed necklaces and bracelets which can be a beautiful addition to you and your bridesmaids wedding day style (and can make great gifts for your bridesmaids as well).
  • Headbands/Headpieces: From a simple white or peacock feather headband to a more ornate, avant-garde look, there are many different headbands or hairpieces that can customized as part of your style.


Invitations and Save-the-Dates:

  • Many designers for invitations and save-the-dates are offering bird-themed designs. There is everything from more rustic looks with traditional lovebirds and birdcages to elegant designs featuring swans or silhouetted flocks of birds. No matter what your taste in design is, you will likely be able to find a designer who has a look or can create a look that fits your style perfectly.

Photo by Studio 6-23

Design Elements:

  • Bird Cages: Bird cages can be incredibly versatile as far as design is concerned. If you are considering an outdoor wedding in a wooded area they can be hung tastefully from branches. In a reception space they can make one-of-a-kind elements for centerpieces.
  • Chair Backings: If you have a more rustic style for your wedding, consider having love birds silhouettes as your chair backings for either your wedding or reception space. 
  • Gifts for Guests: Birds can be incorporated into your favors for your guests as well. One idea from Etsy is to use Muslin bags featuring birds. These can be a fun, creative,  customizable addition to your style.


  • Cake: There are some beautiful cake designs that are bird themed. You can incorporate silhouettes of birds, bird cages, or branches to create a one of a kind cake style that fits your overall theme.
  • Cake Topper: An alternative to a completely bird themed cake is to go with a more traditional cake design and have a bird themed cake topper.
  • Cupcake Flags: If you’re having cupcakes at your wedding, you can incorporate birds by creating cupcake flags which feature a bird silhouette. It’s a simple way to tie in your dessert to the rest of your theme without it being too ornate or time consuming.