Jessica and her team were lifesavers. My husband and I live in Chicago and were trying to plan our wedding in Michigan. We quickly realized it was way too difficult, time consuming, and frustrating to try to do everything on our own – so we contacted Jessica. Best decision ever! I’ve been to many weddings in the past where the bridal couple and their family and friends weren’t able to sit down, eat, or do anything other than run around trying to coordinate things – NOT AT OUR WEDDING! Beyond all the advice, assistance, and experience Jessica provided us, she gave us the best wedding present EVER – the ability to relax and simply enjoy our wedding day. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to wake up the day of my wedding and just be able to enjoy the time with my bridesmaids and family with the peace of mind that Jessica had everything under control. During the planning stages when I tried to communicate my vision of the wedding to her, Jessica understood immediately and really helped me to make my vision a reality. She had worked with our vendors in the past, so she already knew what to expect from the vendors and passed that on to us. She also recommended a DJ to us, who was absolutely perfect for us! Beyond that, she was extremely responsive to my emails and she provided great advice and insight on the numerous sticky situations that I encountered during the planning. Jessica’s expertise, creativity, and patience were wonderful and I would use Jessica’s services again in a heartbeat. I strongly recommend contacting her for help planning your wedding in SW Michigan! And I thank her again for all her help and hard work in making my wedding day truly the most wonderful day of my life!

Married 5.30.10 in St. Joseph
From Chicago, IL