The Stella Event Design team exceeded my expectations! I found their creative and inspired designs to be right on target for our vision for a wedding weekend celebrating family, friends, and our new life. We enjoyed the detailed plans that the Stella Event Design team prepared giving us a really clear picture of how we could maximize our budget. The preferred vendor/supplier list also made our research much more efficient by reducing the need to contact pages upon pages of potential suppliers. I loved that Stella Event Design checked in periodically to see how our planning was going. They managed the coordination with several of our suppliers/vendors to ensure a successful and stress-free wedding day. To that point, I spent the entire day at the spa with my maid-of-honor relaxing knowing that Stella Event Design had it all under control. I even have pictures of my groom “chilling” the afternoon of our wedding day since I reassured him Stella Event Design would take care of all the details and set up. Investing in wedding planning services was the second best decision I made (picking a pretty amazing husband to wed ranks at the top of the list!).


South Haven, MI
From Indianapolis, IN