PRE-WEDDING: I was stressing out big time when we decided to hire Stella Event Design. By the time we did, the wedding was only a few months away and mostly planned, but since my husband and I were getting married in Michigan and living in Chicago, we needed serious help with a few odds and ends, like finding a baker in the area and figuring out the marriage license process, etc…Jessica was a huge success in helping us tie up those loose ends so we knew we were going into our big day with everything taken care of. DAY-OF: Our wedding was very DIY, so there was A LOT of setup. I mean, A LOT. I was worried that Jessica and her crew wouldn’t be able to get everything set up in time and that if they did, it wouldn’t match the wedding in my head, but everything turned out perfectly! And anytime we hit a roadblock, Jessica and her crew were there to help us, from ordering more alcohol when we started to run out before we even started dinner (oh brother!!) to helping coordinate rides for all of us at the end of the night when one of our shuttles broke down on the side of the highway. I ended up driving a group of my drunk friends back to the hotel, but so did Jessica! Which I can’t thank her enough for. She went above and beyond what we hired her to do.

Married in Watervliet, MI
From Chicago, IL