My goal as a bride was to have an affordable wedding, which meant I would be doing most of it myself. I lost weekends printing, stuffing and addressing envelopes. I even lost sleep over what color of ribbons to use and where I would be able to find it. I knew of people that had event planners and I thought that I would have to have this fancy expensive wedding to be able to justify the added expense. Two months before the big day I decided to reach out for help. I emailed Jessica at midnight when I was at my wits end and that morning when I got to work I had the reply I needed. Jessica’s help more than paid for itself. She helped me find a wonderful videographer last minute at a wonderful price. She also helped me with transportation and finding affordable centerpieces. More importantly I became a bride and a guest at my wedding. My parents and I were able to sit back and enjoy our night without having to worry about setting up, tearing down, making sure the cake gets cut and everything is running on time. My wedding turned out wonderfully and everyone had a great time. I can’t thank Jessica enough for all of her help. She truly gave me a night I will never forget!

Married 10.11.08 in Buchanan
From Grand Rapids, MI