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tuesday etsy love :: eco-friendly rustic chic linen & lace favor bags

Check out these adorable linen & lace bags from WeddingForYou on Etsy! These would be absolutely adorable as favor bags for a rustic chic barn wedding, somewhere like the Blue Dress Barn or Millcreek (or any where, of course!). You could fill them with absolutely anything…homemade candies, local chocolates, your favorite coffee beans.

Make your bags eco friendly by encouraging guests to reuse them. Add a little tag suggesting that guests recycle them by filling them with their favorite potpourri–they can leave them in their car, or pop them in a drawer and refill them whenever they like–they would make the perfect sachet! These would also be great to set out at on a candy buffet table, so guests can scoop themselves a bag to-go!

tuesday etsy love :: ‘something old & something new’ eco-friendly jewelry

Something Old & Something New‘ creates eco-friendly repurposed jewelry made from old clothes. Old clothes! I can think of a million ways to use these pretty little trinkets–you could wear it on your wedding day, gift it to bridesmaids to wear, buy it for yourself because it’s Tuesday, and yesterday was Monday (you deserve it.) I love that these pieces are both vintage and modern at the same time. I think the earrings below would be a stunning “something blue” for a vintage-inspired wedding, and the little monogram necklaces have ‘bridesmaid’ written all over them.
something borrowed something new upcycled jewelryvintage upcycled wedding jewelryThe pink embroidered necklace is one of my favorites–I’m pretty sure I have to own it very, very soon–and honestly, if I hadn’t seen it, I would never have even known how much I wanted a piece of embroidered jewelry!

Check out more of the handmade goodies from “Something Old & Something New

tuesday etsy love:: StudioArdent hops boutonnieres

If your groom is a beer-lover, then StudioArdent on Etsy has some really great choices for you! I love these, because they all contain hops, but they are beautiful, subtle and classy. Some have dried florals and moss, some are super simple, and if you want to get fancy, you can customize them with beer caps. What groom wouldn’t love these? They also have some beautiful paper flower bouquets in their shop, so check those out too!

hops boutonniere etsySo what do you think–would you get your groom a hops boutonniere? Are you incorporating his likes, hobbies or personality in other ways?