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captured productions::creative invitations


I’m really excited to work with Aaron & Renee of Captured Productions this summer! They’ll be capturing the lovely wedding day of my June 21st couple. The last few months I’ve enjoyed perusing the CP website and blog to check out all of the lovely weddings, engagements and personal videos—they do wonderful work, so if you haven’t checked them out, head over to their website soon!

I wanted to share a fun and creative wedding invitation they created!

First, guests will open this…


to find this…


which they will then open to find this…


then, pop in the dvd and they will be surprised with this!

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Friends and family would get a kick out of this! How neat to create a video to share with them that will tell the story of how you met! Really, I don’t even know this couple and I loved watching it! For more information and to check out more of their work, head over to the Captured Productions website and blog!

etsy::cora anne designs


I love Etsy. How excited was I when I received one of my Valentines cards today from the Valentines Card Swap sponsored by April Foster Events, and saw that it came from a talented gal from Etsy?! And of course, it was completely adorable and creative—it even came with some bonus gifts!  Included were some adorable red and pink gift tags courtesy of the CoraAnne Designs etsy shop!

Of course I hopped right over to check out her shop and it is absolutely chock full of cute gift tags like those shown above! Some of her tags would be perfect for tags on favors, or to include with bridal party gifts! There are also some really cute ones perfect for baby showers, birthdays or just for fun! I love checking out the creative people selling on Etsy, there is so much fun to be found there!

color palette::goldenrod & pewter


(click to enlarge)

I love fun and new color palettes—-ones you don’t see every day—and this one definitely fits the bill! I love the bright pop of the marigold accents in this board and the subtle coolness of the pewter.

Some other fun color pairs to consider:


slate+powder blue


Sources: Bouquet via The Knot, Invites via, Mori Lee Maids dress in Slate, Table number by Sarah J Photography, Invites photo by KT Merry Photography, getaway car by Bobbi Rics, peep toe shoes by Paris Hilton at

color palette::white on white


(click to enlarge)

If you live in the midwest, you’re probably looking at a lot of white right now…I know I am! And while I’m sick of looking at all the cold, white snow, I can’t help but appreciate the elegance of a white-on-white color palette!

This color combo is clean, fresh, classy and elegant! I especially love the feather bouquet (center left) by Emplume out of Detroit. The company creates couture bouquets that are totally unique and I think this one in particular would be a standout at a white winter wedding! So don’t be afraid of color white!

Visit next week when we’ll be featuring a whole weeks worth of color palettes!

Photo Credits
Top: Richard Parker Photography, Matthew Tennison Photography, Engaged Studio
Center: Nicole Ladonne Photography (bouquet by Emplume), Rob Garland Photographers, Andrea Polita Photography
Bottom: Craig Ambrosio, Alternate Angles, Susan Jackson Photography

fave of 08::kid-friendly favors

Kelly+Russ created adorable favors just for the kids at their intimate September ’08 wedding. The couple took their love for Legos and created adorable buckets, complete with each childs name, and filled them with a Lego set. Before the wedding, the couple personally constructed each set, and took a picture to show each child what their completed Lego project should look like!

Not only were these adorable, but they were also functional, and kept all of the kids occupied while adults enjoyed the dinner reception at the Bistro!

*Photos by Kelly Powers Photography

inspiration::polka dot wedding


I love to hear about all things wedding, so when I hear someone has recently tied the knot I need all the details! A few weeks ago when I met with Amanda Beeman, the new events amabassador at The Veranda at the Whitcomb, she mentioned her “polka dot wedding dress” and I was intrigued—I had to see it! So she was nice enough to send over some shots of her dress and all of the fun details she put together to tie in her polka dot theme. It’s way too cute not to share with you all! Above is the gorgeous Michelle Roth gown that inspired it all!


The beautiful tented reception was held at Lakes Golf & Country Club in Ohio. I absolutely adore white on white cakes and I think this one was perfect to make this gorgeous cake stand out amongst all of the vibrant colors Amanda chose!


Top left are the adorable polka dot centerpieces (in an assortment of colors) set at each table, the bridesmaids bouquet handles, complete with coordinating pearl pins, and the gorgeous bridesmaids dresses. I think my favorite part of this wedding was

*All photos courtesy of Nicole Dixon!

fave of 08::me+the boys

If you’d like to do something to make your wedding fun+exciting, I suggest you consider live music! I can’t remember the last time I attended a wedding (as a guest) with live music, but it’s always a hit at weddings I’ve coordinated! My favorite of 2008 was Me and the Boys, an eight piece swing orchestra out of Northern Indiana. They were absolutely incredible, and everyone was blown away by their fun, retro style that kept everyone dancing!

In 2009 we’ve got at least five weddings using a variety of live music, and I’m excited to hear them all in person and pass along recommendations to all of you considering live acts for your 2009/2010 celebrations!

*Photo by LVL Photography

fave of 08::bring on the color!

Kelly was an incredibly fun bride to work with! She’s a spunky gal, so it was a no-brainer that we could pull off something a little different with her wedding! Kelly chose a deep fall color palette for her September 27th wedding, using dark reds, oranges, yellows and greens! She gave me free range on selecting centerpieces, and we came up with the lovely design above, courtesy of Crystal Springs!

However, when it came to her bouquet, Kelly fell in love with a bright pink and kept coming back to it despite the change in color palette, so we decided to roll with it! Instead of trying to force the wedding into one color scheme, we used a bright pink color palette with green accents for the beach ceremony, and carried the fall colors throughout the reception.

It turned out amazing, and I’m glad we did it—don’t let anyone put you in a box when it comes to your wedding design. Go with your instincts and have fun!

*photos by Kelly Powers Photography

etsy love birds

I love etsy, but I don’t visit nearly enough (or buy enough!). But, I was looking through this morning and saw these darling “love birds” made from rescued wood by Dolan Geiman in Chicago. Absolutely adorable! If you’re not hooked on etsy yet, now is the time to start the habit! I think this would make a really eclectic valentine’s gift (not that my husband would even know what Etsy is!). A girl can dream–but for now I’ll just continue window shopping!

fave of 08::double duty broach

When Claire was given her grandmother’s broach last minute, she found the perfect place for the “something old” on her bouquet handle.

Then later, in lieu of the orchids we had planned on putting in her hair to replace her veil, we opted to make use of the broach again and pin it into her hair for a little extra bling at the reception!  Such a great use of “something old” that lasted all day!

There are two things I love in this scenario! First, I love incorporating sentimental things into weddings. Second, I love finding spur of the moment ways to be creative!

*photos by LVL Photography